Barley Mow RCCC
GT12, LMP and Tamiya racing in the North East every Sunday
RC racing is open to all and very infectious. If you love motor racing and the technical intrigue that surrounds it, then this is the place to come.

At Barley Mow we always welcome new drivers of all abilities and ages.

Racing classes
GT12 - a low cost, high performance saloon car class
LMP - "Le Mans Prototype", the fastest scale electric class, viewed as the F1 of RC car racing
Tamiya/Mardave Mini - an entry class with emphasis on fun and close racing

Track and timing
We lay a 25m x 14m fine felt carpet and arrange a fast open flowing track with markers made from robust white piping.  Tracks change monthly to provide racers with a real challenge.

Lap timing is fully automatic by laptop and a miniature transponder powered from inside the car, so winning and losing can come down to fractions of seconds, just like the real ones!

Our members
Racing is very competitive and friendly. We have members at the highest level of the sport, winning UK national race meetings, and competing in European and World Championship events so the experience and help you can draw upon could not be any better.  

Before you buy an RC car to race - come and see us, we will save you time and money!

Fees and membership
Race fees are currently £6 per Sunday meeting.
Annual membership is £10 for senior members, £5 for juniors.  Family memberships are £15.

We require members to obtain a BRCA racing licence within a month of joining - this protects both you and the club with insurance and allows you to compete in national events.